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Being a listed company with more than 30 years of aircon industry experience, we provide the best for you. Natural Cool Aircon Services is the recommended aircon service provider in Singapore. We are the complete aircon service provider from aircon servicing packages, aircon repair, aircon installation, aircon chemical wash, aircon cleaning and aircon gas top up.

 Your aircon is in the good hands of our technicians. Our technicians are continuously updated to the latest skillset and technologies through upgrading courses and workshops…

We're here to continue serving your aircon needs.

Essential services approval . By the ministry of trade and industry.

General Aircon Servicing

Attractive Aircon Servicing & Maintenance Packages. Quarterly, Bi-Monthly & Ad-Hoc Plans Available.

Chemical Wash

Clean your aircon thoroughly to have cleaner air in your home again. Chemical wash promotions available.

Aircon Repair

See something wrong going on? Aircon not cold or water leaking from your aircon. Call us!

Chemical Aircon Overhaul

Chemical aircon overhauls for a cleaner aircon and a cleaner air at home!

Simply fill in your details. Only basic information required. Just follow through the very short form. Our aircon service specialist will follow up after.
Select a date on the calendar to schedule your AIRCON servicing. Whether or not you’d like to subscribe to the annual contract, you can always do so when our technicians come by.
Lastly, just click “SEND”. Our AIRCON SERVICE representative will send out a confirmation shortly after submission.

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Aircon Cleaning

Tips On Aircon Cleaning DIY!

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