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Aircon Servicing Packages Contract Service Obligations

  • Inspection & cleaning of aircon air filters with water or detergent if necessary.
  • Inspection & cleaning of fancoil covers & louvres.
  • Check conditions & accessories.
  • Cleaning of aircon evaporator fin to ensure higher efficiency.
  • Cleaning of aircon drain pan (wall mounted type only) & flushing of drainage pipes.
  • Checking & dry cleaning of aircon Condenser Unit if necessary.
  • Checking of aircon refrigerant gas pressure & compressor condition is necessary.
  • Attending to customer’s complaints during contract period.
  • Any aircon recommendation (i.e. refrigerant gas top-up, chemical cleaning, pressure test or replacement of spare parts) will provide quote & bill separately.
  • Works to be carried out during office hours – 9am to 5.30pm (Monday to Saturday).
  • Maximum height for standard contract price is 3 Meter height (from floor) beyond this, a site view is required, quotation may vary from location or building architecture.

In the dynamic landscape of air conditioning, Singapore places a premium on reliable cooling solutions, be it in offices, residences, or industries. Acknowledging this, air conditioner manufacturing companies have consistently aimed to meet the escalating demand for quality cooling systems. One such company that has tirelessly pursued excellence is Midea. Over the years, Midea has established itself as a stalwart in the industry, catering to the burgeoning market in Singapore with a commitment to sustained quality. Positive feedback from contented customers attests to Midea’s prowess, making it a preferred choice for those embarking on construction projects in Singapore. If you’re considering air conditioning options, Midea should undoubtedly be on your list.

Midea’s relentless pursuit of manufacturing excellence has resulted in a diverse range of air conditioner models, readily available in electronic stores across Singapore. To aid you in choosing the model that aligns with your needs, let’s explore some of the noteworthy Midea air conditioners available in Singapore.

  1. Indoor Unit MS11MI:
    This exceptional brand has garnered widespread admiration in Singapore, thanks to its energy-saving capabilities, user-friendly operation, and rapid cooling effects. The MS11MI indoor unit is a testament to Midea’s commitment to providing fast and efficient air conditioning solutions.
  2. Indoor Unit SMKP-09 x 2:
    Featuring a swift cooling air generation rate, the SMKP-09 x 2 indoor unit excels in distributing cool air efficiently. Its design ensures sufficient air intake and the ability to operate seamlessly in any weather condition.
  3. Outdoor Unit MS4OD-32:
    Designed with a focus on efficiency, the MS4OD-32 outdoor unit promotes proper air circulation and energy conservation. Boasting low-power components, this model guarantees durability and ease of maintenance, making it an ideal choice for Singapore’s diverse climate.
  4. Indoor Unit SMKS-09 x 4:
    The AF50MS3MCEE model introduces a new dimension to long-distance air conditioning. With features like an anti-corrosion fin, the ability to distribute cool air over a greater radius, and an auto shutter for protection against foreign particles, this model promises enhanced durability and efficiency.
  5. Midea OS Premium Series:
    This premium air conditioner from Midea stands out with its smart control option, allowing users to effortlessly switch between settings. With an elegant white design, fast cooling effects, and energy-saving capabilities, the OS Premium Series aligns seamlessly with modern technologies, providing optimal comfort.

Midea, with its steadfast commitment to quality, has crafted a substantial brand presence, earning commendable ratings and becoming synonymous with high-quality air conditioners in Singapore. The company’s commitment to excellence, reflected in customer reviews, has solidified its status as a global icon in the air conditioning industry. As Midea continues to lead in innovation and quality, the future promises even more advancements in air conditioning technology.

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