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How to find a recommended aircon service, aircon service and an aircon maintenance company?

An air conditioner is a very important appliance in a Singaporean household. In our hot and humid climate, many now deem and aircon unit is a need rather than a want. In this tropical climate, aircons play a vital role in ensuring high work productivity all year round.

When our home air conditioning system starts to show signs of deterioration, take action immediately. Search for a reliable or recommended aircon service company Singapore to perform aircon servicing, checks, and repair. There are probably hundreds of aircon servicing companies out there today. But to find a reputable one, there’s only a handful.

When searching for a recommended and trusted aircon service company in Singapore, do take note of a few things:

No. 1 – Do Some Research. A quick search on Google.

You should do some research and learn something along the way about your aircon. Try to become familiar with the aircon unit, systems and parts. You should at least know the model, brand, type, and servicing history. If there are any problems with the aircon unit, you can at least try to identify them before approaching an aircon servicing company. By being able to do so, it shows that you at least have some knowledge of the affected area.

  • Tip #1: Familiarity to the air conditioning unit, gives you confidence. Always hire an aircon servicing professional to remedy the problem. Try to avoid DIY air conditioning repairs unless you are trained in at least a certain level of electrical works. 

No. 2 – Google For The Recommended Aircon Service Company

Next is to search for a recommended aircon service company. At least now, you’re equipped with some knowledge. Where to search? All you need is Google. If not, you can always check with family, friends & neighbours. But no matter who you ask, you will always turn back to Google. Why is this so?

Seeing a website, address and contact gives you a certain level of confidence.  So, take your time to Google and see some reviews. There are many companies who offer warranties but do not honour them or maybe take ages to reply. 

What to search for on Google? You can always try “aircon service”, “aircon servicing”, “aircon maintenance”, “natural cool”, etc..  

Tip #2: Look out for customer reviews and warranty. Many companies claim to issue a warranty. But to claim that warranty is almost impossible. So, do ask. If it is a listed company like Natural Cool, then you can have a peace of mind as the compnay’s reputation is the top priority.

No. 3 – Experienced Companies

Never hire an inexperienced aircon servicing company in Singapore. Always verify the aircon contractor’s experience. You can always find out about the contractor’s experience from their website.

  • Take Away Tip: Always hire full-time, professional contractors with sound aircon knowledge. The bigger the company, the better it is.

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Tips On Aircon Cleaning DIY!

Aircon Cleaning
Aircon Cleaning

Let’s learn something about aircons. Aircon cleaning and aircon maintenance.

An air conditioner works by circulating coolants through the pipes connecting the various components. From filters, evaporator coils, fans, compressor and condenser. Every component of an air conditioner plays an important role in ensuring the smooth functioning of the system. Aircon cleaning is crucial in ensuring a fully functional aircon system at home.

Like all things, the aircon components gather dust, dirt, and grime over time due to external environment and normal daily functions. The accumulated dust, if not cleaned, can obstruct the functioning of the system. This is why aircon cleaning in your home is important. When it comes to cleaning your air conditioner, you need regular aircon maintenance and make sure you follow the right cleaning method with some basic tools.

If you feel that something about your home aircon doesn’t feel right, seek the help of an aircon service professional. Let’s take a look at some of the cleaning methods for your home aircon.

How to Clean a Split System Air Conditioner

Depending on the part you are cleaning and how much the amount of dirt is, you may want to use some of the recommended equipments for cleaning.

Using a vacuum cleaner to clean your aircon for maintenance.

If you want to clean the internal parts of your system without dismantling them, you can use a vacuum to suck in the dust accumulated on the surface of the parts (e.g filters, evaporator coils, pipes, and fans). Cleaning your aircon with a vacuum cleaning may not be as effective if you do not clean them regularly. Cleaning using a vacuum cleaner is best done once every 2 months. If you do not have a vacuum cleaner, simply use a dry cloth or a small brush to get the dirt off the unit. This can at least clear up dust accumulated on the external surfaces.

Use an air compressor or a blower for aircon cleaning and aircon maintenance.

You can use an air compressor or a blower (reverse vacuum) as an alternative to a vacuum cleaner. Use one that comes with a pointed tip on the end. This will help you clean the internal components with more precision and less hassle. Filters and coils can be cleaned with the strong air being blown out from the tip. It’ll help to clear up the insides of the aircon much more effectively.

Use Aircon Cleaning Chemicals

These chemicals can easily be found online or in DIY stores on Singapore. Like Self-Fix, Home & DIY.

Chemical cleaning is a highly effective method of cleaning the filters and other internal components as aircon cleaning and aircon servicing companies use them too. But please read the instructions on the packaging properly and do not end up damaging your own aircon instead of cleaning it. 

A lot of dirt and grime may have accumulated due to lack of cleaning and maintenance for a prolonged period of time. You will need to dismantle some parts of the aircon. But if the idea of dismantling sounds scary, there’s some off the shelf cleaning agent that does not require dismantling. 

Aircon chemical cleaning helps improve the performance and cooling efficiency of your air conditioner and enhances the indoor air quality, preventing mold growth and maintaining a healthy indoor environment in your home or office.

Spray-on coil cleaners

You can also use spray-on coil cleaners for cleaning the filters or coils at home. You’ll find this coil cleaning sprays at your nearby DIY store. You simply need to apply the spray on the dirty coil, leave it for some time, and then wash it with clean water.

Natural Cool Aircon Servicing

Always remember that thousands of dollars have been spent purchasing an airconditioning system. Do not make the mistake of just trying to save $50, you accidentally cause damages until replacement is required.

Call +65 6454 1771 or email now.

To make an immediate booking, simply fill p and submit this form.

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Aircon Repair – Aircon Not Cold

Aircon Repair Aircon Not Cold
Aircon Repair

Why is my aircon not cold?

After some time of sleeping comfortably at night, suddenly you start to perspire in the middle of the night. Then you started to lower the temperature. As weeks go by, you start to realize that you’re lowering the temperature bit by bit every day. Then you made your own diagnosis, “My Aircon Is Not Cold”. This is the beginning of a problem. Do not wait and rectify the problem immediately. If you have been engaged in an aircon servicing package, then this issue should have been picked up by the aircon specialist. If not, try to get an aircon repair specialist.

There are times when the weather outside is so hot and humid and we’re looking to take some comfort to rest in an air-conditioned room but somehow, the aircon isn’t cold enough. That is very frustrating when you’re perspiring so badly in the Singapore heat.

Before calling a an aircon servicing or repair specialist, perhaps it’ll help a bit more to see what is causing the aircon to not blow cold air or just simply is not cold.

Here are some of the common causes why your air-conditioner is not keeping you, your family and your home cool.

Thermostat Settings – The Simplest of The Many Reasons Why Your Aircon Is Suddenly Not Cold

Believe it or not, this is one of the most common problems that can keep your air-conditioning at a warmer temperature is the fact that thermostat settings was set wrongly.

Especially with the thermostat that gives so many options these days. You may think that you are setting your temperature but within a short amount of time, it could change to a higher setting.

Check your thermostat settings before you check anything else.

Weak Batteries

Check the batteries in the thermostat. This is something that is often overlooked. It may seem like it is operating fine but without the batteries backing things up, you could end up quite warm.

Dirty Air Filter – Aircon Servicing

It is important to clean and replace the air filter on a regular basis for a number of different reasons.

One of those reasons is because a dirty filter will stop the free flow of air and could end up preventing the aircon from cooling as much as it should.

Be sure that you change or clean the air filter on a monthly basis. Of course if you have signed up for an aircon servicing package, then this should not happen.

Low Refrigerant Causing Aircon Not Blowing Cold Air – Aircon Servicing

It may be possible that your air-conditioning unit is low on refrigerant or as people know is, “aircon gas”.

A loss of refrigerant can certainly result in the aircon not blowing cold air and it may even signal that there may be a leak.

An aircon repair service can come in to assess the situation. They can stop the leak from occurring and put some more refrigerant in the system to get your air blowing cold again.

Dirty Aircon Compressor – Aircon Servicing

When the aircon compressor becomes dirty or blocked, it can keep the unit from cooling properly.

It could be a matter of some debris getting into the compressor.

Damage Ductwork or Drainage Pipe – Aircon Repair

There are times when the air-conditioning ductwork is damaged. If that is the case, the cold air may be escaping into an area of the home that is not typically needed for air-conditioning, such as the attic or the space in between floors.

The moisture that is built up within the unit.

If the drainage pipe is blocked, the aircon unit needs to work harder in order to make the air cooler blowing through your home.

Fan Stop Working – Aircon Repair

It may be possible that the aircon fan wheel is no longer operating properly.

You can check this by going to the indoor unit and see if the fan is buzzing or if it is operating.

A long screwdriver can be used for this but you need to be cautious not to damage the fan while testing it.

Best to call an aircon repair service to assess and repair it. Anything done wrong could end up costing alot more.

Frozen Air Con Unit – Aircon Repair

One other possibility is that the unit has frozen on the outside. This is something that can be determined by a visual inspection.

If the unit is frozen, turn it off until it thaws fully and then you can turn it back on to cool the home.

We strongly advise you to always call an aircon service specialist to help with any problems. As the aircon system is very costly, you don’t want to accidentally damage it and end up spending more than needed.

Natural Cool Aircon Services is the choice for aircon servicing Singapore. We’re a listed company in Singapore with over 30 years of experience in the aircon industry.

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Leaking Aircon Problems in Singapore.

Aircon Singapore
Aircon leaking at home

If your aircon is leaking or condensing too much, you’ll need to take action immediately.

If it’s delayed too long, you might end up needing to replace the aircon unit which costs a few thousand dollars.

There are many possibilities as to why your air conditioner might be leaking water and you need to know what these reasons are. Once you know the possibilities, it’ll be easier to take steps in managing the problem.

Quick Overview

In general, here are the 6 common reasons:

  1. Your aircon drain line is clogged
  2. The aircon’s overflow pan is damaged
  3. Aircon filter is too clogged up with dust
  4. Poor Installation Materials
  5. A Broken Pump
  6. You aircon condenser coil is leaking

So, what’s next?

The best and hassle-free way is to immediately contact an aircon repair specialist or professional immediately,

Or you can try to:

Clean your aircon filter on your own.

Then, let it run for one hour to verify if the problem is solved.

If the leaking doesn’t stop, contact us.

Let’s go through some of the common problems related to a leaking airconditioner mentioned.

1. A Clogged Drain Line

The most common reason for air conditioners to leak water is a clogged drain line.

The drain line is the pipe that links the overflow pan to the outside or the drainpipe depending on the setup of your air conditioner.

There are a few reasons why this line might become clogged and a few things that you can do to solve this problem.

Firstly, you need to trace to the source of the leak.

  • If the water leak is from the front of the aircon unit, it is possible that the unit was poorly installed or the materials used were of poor quality. In this case, the unit will need to be taken out and re-installed to stop the leak.
  • If the water is not coming from the front, you should check the tube or trunking leading from the unit to the toilet. Sometimes due to some debris blockage, the water can’t flow. Many modern units have an emergency shutoff feature which will protect the device when there is a clog in the drain line.
  • If your aircon unit suddenly turned off for no reason, you should look at the drain line.

2. The Overflow Pan Is Damaged

While you are checking the drain line, you should also look at the overflow pan in the aircon unit.

This pan is located underneath the aircon unit and could be the cause of your water leaks.

If this pan is damaged,water will spill out of it.

When trying to inspect the pan, look at each corner carefully. Look along the edges for any holes, cracks or notches. Any small of slight issue can cause water to leak.

Small holes in the pan can be easily fixed with epoxy, but you might want to replace the entire pan for the best and longest lasting results.

3. The Air Filter Is Dirty

Many people who do not realise that a dirty air filter can cause a water leak.

The air filter in your air conditioner will need to be cleaned regularly and leaving a filter for too long will impede the air flow in the unit.

When this happens, the air around the evaporator coils will become too cold and this will cause the coils to freeze over.

When the coils freeze, ice will form inside the unit. The heat from the outside air will then cause the ice to melt and this will lead to a leak.

When you have a water leak, do a check your filters to see if they’re too dirty.

Do check your servicing history if any replacement had been done before.

4. Poor Installation Materials

If your air conditioner is new, the drain lines and filters should not be the cause of the water leak. Poor installation material could be to blame for your sudden water problem.

Most companies offer premium materials for installation. You need to check and compare the premium and non-premium materials. Using good installation material can prolong the lifespan of your aircon system.

Next is poor workmanship. Many smaller aircon companies do not have enough installation experience resulting in a shorter aircon lifespan and leakages. Things as simple as broken seals can cause leakages. This is when having a company that has been in the industry for over 30 years and a listed company is definitely the best and safest option.

5. A Broken Pump

When your air conditioner has a broken pump, the water from the overflow pan will not be drawn into the drain line. This will cause the pan to overflow and the excess water to start leaking.

You will only be able to determine if this is the problem after you have determined that the drain line is clear of any blockages.

To test if you have a broken pump, you will need to pour some water into the overflow pan.

If the water does not drain, the pump could be the cause. If you have a broken pump, you will need to call a professional to assess the pump and replace it.

When you have water leakage from your air conditioner, there are a number of causes that you need to investigate.

The most common cause will be a blocked drain line or a dirty filter. These problems can be dealt with easily, but if the pump is broken you will have to call a professional.

6. Leakage in The Condenser Coil

The condenser unit of your air conditioner is usually located outside of your house. For this, please call a professional to come over to solve the problem. It is highly dangerous for anyone to go on to the aircon ledge and do some works. Professionals are trained to do these kind of jobs.

In any case, the unit comprises of a blower fan, the compressor, and the condenser coil.

Outdoor condenser units are more likely to accumulate dust, dirt, and grime, as they are exposed to the external environment.

Any leakage in the condenser coil and aircon pipe are also common.

If you notice any leaks in the condenser coil, pipe leaking or leaking water in front part, you should immediately seek professional help for aircon servicing in Singapore.

5 Steps to Take to Determine if the Aircon Condenser Coil is Leaking

(Please do not attempt to do this on your own as it is unsafe without the proper tools.)

If you’re on a servicing package, this shouldn’t be a problem as the professional would have maintained everything well and good.

If you notice any severe damage in the coil, you should get it replaced by aircon servicing company.

However, before you contact an aircon servicing specialist, you may take the following steps to determine if the coil is leaking.

A. Unplug the air conditioner

The first thing to do is to turn off the Aircon and unplug it. You may need to turn off the circuit breaker or fuse controlling the power supply to the Aircon.

B. Remove the back of the outdoor unit

You need to use a screwdriver to take the screws off from the back of the condenser unit located outside of your home. Now pull off the back vent, so that you can view the inside of the unit.

C. Clean the inside compartment

The next step is to clean the inside of the aircon unit with a brush.

If you want to clean hard-to-reach parts of the aircon, you should use a blower or a vacuum cleaner.

Once you clean the outdoor unit inside out, you should be able to see through the condenser coil connected to blower assembly.

You can use a flashlight to check for any leakage in the condenser coils.

D. Perform the test

Now you need to roll a dry tissue paper and run it through the condenser coils.

After some time, pull the paper out and check it for any traces of liquid.

If you notice that the dry paper has soaked in any liquid, you can consider this a clear sign of leakage from your condenser coil.

E. Attach the parts in their former position

Reattach the back vent with screws.

You will need to use the screwdriver again for the job. Keep the Aircon unplugged till an expert technician comes and checks it.

Call  6454 1771 if you need our help.

It is always a good idea to call a qualified Aircon technician for repair a leaking aircon.

Make sure you do a proper background check before choosing an air conditioner repair service provider for the job who are familiar with the type of aircon you have. The common aircon brand is Mitsubishi, Panasonic and Daikin.

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