Aircon Chemical Cleaning Price
Chemical Aircon Overhaul and Aircon Chemical Washing prices are available.

* Price quoted are not inclusive of VRV or VRF sets.

Aircon Chemical Overhaul

9000 btu

Aircon Overhaul
$ 150 Per Fan Coil

12000 btu

Aircon Overhaul
$ 150 Per Fan Coil

18000 btu

Aircon Overhaul
$ 180 Per Fan Coil

24000 btu

Aircon Overhaul
$ 220 Per Fan Coil

Aircon Chemical Wash


Chemical Wash
$ 80 Per Fan Coil

If you’re looking to clean up your aircon thoroughly, look no futher. Find out more about aircon chemical wash and aircon chemical overhaul below. We have different packages to suit your budget.

What is the  difference between Aircon Chemical Wash & Overhaul?

  • An aircon chemical wash is done without removing your fancoil. Our technicians will set up and prepare for washing with the aircon still mounted. You can see how it is done in the video below. This is a cheaper alternative to get your aircon cleaned with chemical as it is less labour intensive.
  • An aircon chemical overhaul is done by removing the fancoil and giving it a thorough “chemical bath”. This methos ensures that every inch of the aircon is cleaned. Nothing is being left out.  This option is definitely the best but it costs a little bit more due to the amount of labour involved. But as your aircon is thoroughly cleaned, the aircon’s lifespan will definitely be longer.

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What Is A Chemical Wash?

Wash with chemical while mounted.

A quick cleaning without dismantling.

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