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Basically, aircon serving is similar to aircon maintenance. The whole idea is to have an aircon specialist come over to inspect and do the routine aircon cleaning and aircon gas top ups. Since the aircon specialists maintains your aircon regularly, he will able to inform you if any aircon related problems comes up. For example, if the aircon needs a chemical wash or if it is time to change. Aircon servicing also helps to prolong the aircon lifespan.

Singapore has a humidity range of 65%-96% which is the perfect condition for moulds to grow. Our recommendation is to service your aircon between 3 to 4 times per year, if you are an aircon user throughout the night.  If you use your aircon both in the day and night time, best to do an aircon service once a month. Home renters in Singapore are usually contractually obliged to service the aircon 4 times per year. Do check your Tenancy Agreement on this part.

Well, simply contact us and we are 100% certain we can resolve the issue for you. Having been in the aircon industry for over 30 years, there’s no aircon service problems we cannot solve.

Definitely! We understand that sometimes, you’d like someone to come over and assess your aircon 1st before committing to anything. So, no worries. Aircon servicing is something that is very important.  Just talk to us.

There are various reasons ranging from blocked or dirty components to faulty parts. Check temperature settings on controller and if temperature is set correctly and aircon is still not cold, more comprehensive checks by our qualified technicians may be required.

Generally, it should be. But how cold the aircon can be depends on many other factors like refrigerant and coil efficiency. But our technicians will definitely inform you if there’s any replacement required when they drop by for servicing.

To put it simply, we totally strip your aircon down, give it a thorough was using a chemical cleaning agent. By the time your aircon is fixed, it’ll be almost as good as new.

When your AC air filter is dirty, partially blocked, or completely clogged, your air conditioner’s evaporator coils are more likely to freeze up, causing excess water to overspill from the drain pan. … If the drain pipe is blocked, it could cause water to leak from your AC. Routine aircon servicing will help prevent the leakages.

There are several reasons for the noises, ranging from faulty compressor to refrigerant leaks to electrical issues. An aircon professional help is required to help ascertain the fault.

Chemical aircon cleaning removes internal dirt particles which normal  aircon servicing is unable to clean. Periodic chemical aircon cleaning will help to improve air quality, prolong equipment’s life span, improve efficiency and save electrical costs through better performance.

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