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Why is my aircon not cold?

After some time of sleeping comfortably at night, suddenly you start to perspire in the middle of the night. Then you started to lower the temperature. As weeks go by, you start to realize that you’re lowering the temperature bit by bit every day. Then you made your own diagnosis, “My Aircon Is Not Cold”. This is the beginning of a problem. Do not wait and rectify the problem immediately. If you have been engaged in an aircon servicing package, then this issue should have been picked up by the aircon specialist. If not, try to get an aircon repair specialist.

There are times when the weather outside is so hot and humid and we’re looking to take some comfort to rest in an air-conditioned room but somehow, the aircon isn’t cold enough. That is very frustrating when you’re perspiring so badly in the Singapore heat.

Before calling a an aircon servicing or repair specialist, perhaps it’ll help a bit more to see what is causing the aircon to not blow cold air or just simply is not cold.

Here are some of the common causes why your air-conditioner is not keeping you, your family and your home cool.

Thermostat Settings – The Simplest of The Many Reasons Why Your Aircon Is Suddenly Not Cold

Believe it or not, this is one of the most common problems that can keep your air-conditioning at a warmer temperature is the fact that thermostat settings was set wrongly.

Especially with the thermostat that gives so many options these days. You may think that you are setting your temperature but within a short amount of time, it could change to a higher setting.

Check your thermostat settings before you check anything else.

Weak Batteries

Check the batteries in the thermostat. This is something that is often overlooked. It may seem like it is operating fine but without the batteries backing things up, you could end up quite warm.

Dirty Air Filter – Aircon Servicing

It is important to clean and replace the air filter on a regular basis for a number of different reasons.

One of those reasons is because a dirty filter will stop the free flow of air and could end up preventing the aircon from cooling as much as it should.

Be sure that you change or clean the air filter on a monthly basis. Of course if you have signed up for an aircon servicing package, then this should not happen.

Low Refrigerant Causing Aircon Not Blowing Cold Air – Aircon Servicing

It may be possible that your air-conditioning unit is low on refrigerant or as people know is, “aircon gas”.

A loss of refrigerant can certainly result in the aircon not blowing cold air and it may even signal that there may be a leak.

An aircon repair service can come in to assess the situation. They can stop the leak from occurring and put some more refrigerant in the system to get your air blowing cold again.

Dirty Aircon Compressor – Aircon Servicing

When the aircon compressor becomes dirty or blocked, it can keep the unit from cooling properly.

It could be a matter of some debris getting into the compressor.

Damage Ductwork or Drainage Pipe – Aircon Repair

There are times when the air-conditioning ductwork is damaged. If that is the case, the cold air may be escaping into an area of the home that is not typically needed for air-conditioning, such as the attic or the space in between floors.

The moisture that is built up within the unit.

If the drainage pipe is blocked, the aircon unit needs to work harder in order to make the air cooler blowing through your home.

Fan Stop Working – Aircon Repair

It may be possible that the aircon fan wheel is no longer operating properly.

You can check this by going to the indoor unit and see if the fan is buzzing or if it is operating.

A long screwdriver can be used for this but you need to be cautious not to damage the fan while testing it.

Best to call an aircon repair service to assess and repair it. Anything done wrong could end up costing alot more.

Frozen Air Con Unit – Aircon Repair

One other possibility is that the unit has frozen on the outside. This is something that can be determined by a visual inspection.

If the unit is frozen, turn it off until it thaws fully and then you can turn it back on to cool the home.

We strongly advise you to always call an aircon service specialist to help with any problems. As the aircon system is very costly, you don’t want to accidentally damage it and end up spending more than needed.

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