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How to find a recommended aircon service, aircon service and an aircon maintenance company?

An air conditioner is a very important appliance in a Singaporean household. In our hot and humid climate, many now deem and aircon unit is a need rather than a want. In this tropical climate, aircons play a vital role in ensuring high work productivity all year round.

When our home air conditioning system starts to show signs of deterioration, take action immediately. Search for a reliable or recommended aircon service company Singapore to perform aircon servicing, checks, and repair. There are probably hundreds of aircon servicing companies out there today. But to find a reputable one, there’s only a handful.

When searching for a recommended and trusted aircon service company in Singapore, do take note of a few things:

No. 1 – Do Some Research. A quick search on Google.

You should do some research and learn something along the way about your aircon. Try to become familiar with the aircon unit, systems and parts. You should at least know the model, brand, type, and servicing history. If there are any problems with the aircon unit, you can at least try to identify them before approaching an aircon servicing company. By being able to do so, it shows that you at least have some knowledge of the affected area.

  • Tip #1: Familiarity to the air conditioning unit, gives you confidence. Always hire an aircon servicing professional to remedy the problem. Try to avoid DIY air conditioning repairs unless you are trained in at least a certain level of electrical works. 

No. 2 – Google For The Recommended Aircon Service Company

Next is to search for a recommended aircon service company. At least now, you’re equipped with some knowledge. Where to search? All you need is Google. If not, you can always check with family, friends & neighbours. But no matter who you ask, you will always turn back to Google. Why is this so?

Seeing a website, address and contact gives you a certain level of confidence.  So, take your time to Google and see some reviews. There are many companies who offer warranties but do not honour them or maybe take ages to reply. 

What to search for on Google? You can always try “aircon service”, “aircon servicing”, “aircon maintenance”, “natural cool”, etc..  

Tip #2: Look out for customer reviews and warranty. Many companies claim to issue a warranty. But to claim that warranty is almost impossible. So, do ask. If it is a listed company like Natural Cool, then you can have a peace of mind as the compnay’s reputation is the top priority.

No. 3 – Experienced Companies

Never hire an inexperienced aircon servicing company in Singapore. Always verify the aircon contractor’s experience. You can always find out about the contractor’s experience from their website.

  • Take Away Tip: Always hire full-time, professional contractors with sound aircon knowledge. The bigger the company, the better it is.

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